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Get a Doctorate of International Business

Learn what you can do with a PhD in international business.

hero-get-a-doctorate-of-international-businessWhile there are jobs in the corporate world for people who have earned a Doctorate of international business, many of the career avenues available will be in academia.

For those who do choose to pursue a career in the private sector, the emphasis of your education will focus on the elements essential to understanding and managing international businesses.

What You’ll Learn

Most PhD programs in international business prepare students for an academic career in a university rather than teaching them the required skills to manage people in a multinational corporation. Some PhD candidates may even choose a career such as researcher at the United Nations.

Most PhD degree programs in international business take three-to-four years to complete in a full-time capacity. Earning your PhD online and part time might take up to five years. International business curriculum will include coursework in economics, management, group dynamics and quantitative research methods, and secondary specializations in standard business fields—such as accounting, finance, information systems, management and marketing—are also offered.

What You Can Do with a Phd in International Business

With a PhD in international business, you will be prepared for a number of careers, both overseas and at home, in a multinational corporation or in academic research.

Here are just some of the possible career options:

  • Economic Researcher
  • Chief Executive Officer
  • University Professor
  • Senior Risk Management Consultant
  • Business Development Manager

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International Business Career and Degree Guide

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