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What You Can Do With a Master’s in International Business

Learn what you can do with an MBA or master’s degree in international business.

hero-what-you-can-do-with-a-masters-in-international-businessThere are several advanced degree programs available for graduate students interested in pursuing a career in international business, so it’s helpful to understand the finely nuanced differences between the degree types.

The basic difference between the international business master’s degree (the Master in International Management, or MIM) and an MBA is that the master’s degree in international business programs are highly specialized and will allow you to focus almost exclusively on issues related to international business, while an MBA offers a skill set that can be transferred to other areas of business.

About the Master’s

The Master in International Management (MIM) places an emphasis on management with a cross-cultural perspective, and includes language and culture classes. The master’s degree in international business also includes language and culture curriculum, but the emphasis is on international business practices.

About the MBA

In contrast, an international business MBA program will help you develop a general set of management skills in addition to specific multinational knowledge. There are advantages to each: a master’s program will enable you to delve into international issues in greater depth; an MBA program will allow you to develop a set of skills that can be transferred to other areas. While both a master’s degree and an MBA will prepare you to hold international business management positions, an MBA may also qualify you to hold management positions in other fields, should you become interested in a different career.

MBA programs in international business focus mainly on topics like international governmental policies, international financial services, cross-cultural management, unique customs and attitudes, and other factors that affect multinational operations management.

What You Can Do With a Master’s in International Business

With a master’s degree in international business, you will be prepared for a number of career options, both overseas and in the U.S. The following are just some of the possible positions you can have with an MIM or MBA in international business:

  • International Marketing Director
  • Financial Controller
  • Multinational Manager
  • Business Development Director
  • International Trade and Customs Manager
  • International Foreign Policy Advisor

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